Tuesday, August 31, 2010

c.1905 Edison Phonograph w/HP ROSES MORNING GLORY HORN-Exquisite!

I came across this beautifully exquisite 1905 Edison Phonograph! I was on Google looking for Morning Glory photos and this site popped up with all these gorgeous photos and descriptions. The site I landed on was selling this vintage piece, but the listing had ended and it wasn't sold. Oh, how i would love to have it, but it is out of my price-range. So at the end I will include all the info and if any of you are interested, you'll have the contact info!


c.1905 Edison Phonograph w/HP ROSES MORNING GLORY HORN

This is the Edison Home Model (B?) with model C reproducer and was manufactured by Edison's National Phonograph Co. We believe it dates from 1905 to 1911. (Prior to 1905 the decal was small and on top of the case.) (The history and additional information about this gramophone can be found on pages 105 to 107 of the "Edison Cylinder Phonograph Companion" book by George L. Frow.) Exquisite beautifully handpainted horn. Oak base with dovetailed rounded corners and fancy "Edison Home Phonograph" decal in Excellent condition (vertical streak in photo is a reflection from camera).

Floral detail and gold striping on horn is in very good to excellent condition, with some paint loss generally restricted to the background painting around the opening and on the outside of horn. Gold designs are bright and clear with only the center part of outer line behind the crane showing wear from use. Overall, the florals are vibrant and fresh as the day they left the factory -- extraordinary condition for an all original antique. We did not see any dents or damage to the horn itself. (We like the character of the aged look but if you wish, with a little retouching this would look like new!) The serial number is 152832.

This is all original as far as we can tell but we think the tube at the base of the horn that connects it to the machine may have been replaced at some point. Finish, paint, decal and all other parts, including case, base, decals, motor, winding shaft, weights, springs, and lid, as far as we can determine, are all original, clean, and in close to mint condition. Includes front-mount horn crane, with original foot and chain. As you can see in the photo, the black plate is exquisitely detailed in gold and shows minimal wear.

This is a beautiful Victorian style horn that looks like it came straight out of "Dark Shadows" or a Victorian Gothic tale. Plays 2-minute black wax cylinder type recordings, not records. It is super clean. We do not have any cylinders, but a friend who owns a similar machine tried one of his cylinders on it and it did work. We will include a copy of the original instruction booklet that came with the gramophone. (We do not have an original - only the copy, but we will give it to the lucky new owner of this fabulous piece of history and art!)

Dimensions: Base measures 16.5" wide, 9.5" deep, and 12" high. Horn is about 20"

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How I hope whoever buys this piece or who has already acquired it enjoys this bit of history!


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